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  • 07:23 Thu 7/5/2018
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For the contest~ :D

This was a really interesting study! It makes you stop and really evaluate all the little details that make someone's style their own c: You all have very lovely styles <3

...I just hope I didn't butcher them ^^;

Edit: Reveal!! :D
+Larger image if you want to see them better: c:

bckleup, KimiKubby, Lily the pink
SolitaryGrayWolf, Ty1997

16:10 Thu 7/5/2018
Sukala A.P.
I recognized KimiKubby, Ty1997 and Night.

I have to say, you really nailed the different artstyles, though I did not recognize the two others. Good luck in the contest! :D

06:30 Thu 7/12/2018
You got Kimi and Ty :D
Thank you ^^ <3

16:44 Thu 7/5/2018
I spy mine, KimiKubby’s nights and I think one is KHWhiteLions cx amazing job with the styles :D

06:32 Thu 7/12/2018
Yup, you got you and Kimi right! :D
Thank you so much <3 ^^

18:26 Thu 7/5/2018
I recognise me I think at number 2! :D I think I recognise some others too but I can't think of their names. xD Lovely bunch of Zira's by the way :D
Edited 18:28 Thu 7/5/2018

06:33 Thu 7/12/2018
Yup! That's you! :D Haha, thank you! <33

13:25 Fri 7/6/2018
Lily the pink
The top right one looks familiar, except the fur-lines are a bit different...

Awesome work there and good luck!

06:39 Thu 7/12/2018
I would hope so xD Looking at it now, there are some things that I would've done differently- too late now though :'D
Thank you! <3

19:36 Thu 7/12/2018
Lily the pink
Oh my gosh, it was me!

I am so honored that you attempted to re-create my style <3


23:34 Fri 8/3/2018
Awww! Sorry I just saw this! You got my style down very well! Though I'm sad to say that I didn't know it was mine till I saw the reveal lol! I wonder what that says about me lol! Anyway thanks for choosing me to draw in the style of! They all look great!

20:19 Sat 8/11/2018
That's alright ^^ Heheheh, thank you ;D I can't blame you, I don't know if I'd recognize my own if someone else drew it xD
You're welcome <3 The way yours turned out ended up being my favorite of the bunch ^w^ I like your style, very clean <3

This definitely gave me a new appreciation for other people's styles :D

02:10 Sun 8/12/2018
Thank you! Yeah I thought it was an interesting idea but I don't think I could do it and achieve much. I think it'd end up looking to much like my own style in the end. lol!
Edited 02:11 Sun 8/12/2018

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