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These are my OCs Ubuhle and Falsafa, my version of Uru's parents.

Other lions thought Ubuhle and Falsafa were silly and irresponsible because they didn't want to live in a pride. But they just enjoyed freedom and not having to please anyone. The only time they had to join a pride was when Ubuhle was expecting their first litter. But after the cubs grew up, the little family returned to their carefree travelling lifestyle. Ubuhle and Falsafa had several litters over the years and most of their cubs either joined already existing prides or started their own. Uru and her littermates, Kiume and Angu, were Ubuhle and Falsafa's last cubs.

16:37 Mon 7/2/2018
Oh hey I remember these guys

Cool :D

10:03 Wed 7/4/2018
Thanks! :D

16:04 Thu 7/5/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hm, these two seem to have more canine genes than a feline's just by looking at them. :P

13:40 Sun 7/8/2018
I think I see what you mean. XD

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