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The First King, page 112.

Oh, you stupid animals, just decide what you want already!

Hurry up, Nkosi, or soon your daughters will not have mothers! Or maybe Mirembe will start to collect some "carcass taxes" from other predators? Or maybe she'll start to sentence death penalties to "criminal" prey animals? :P

I love writing dialogue for scenes like this because it's often so absurd... Here we have a queen promising her subjects that she won't be killing any of them until the king comes back.

07:10 Mon 7/2/2018
Sorry I haven't been on for a bit, my hard drive died so I had to get a new laptop DX

11:37 Mon 7/2/2018
Oh, that sucks! D:

16:38 Mon 7/2/2018
Yeah, it was a laptop from 2013. I guess it got old or something.

But I also picked up a Trojan virus so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

10:02 Wed 7/4/2018
Haha, my laptops have never lasted longer than 4 years... XD

22:59 Thu 7/5/2018
Mine was 5 :o

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