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I made a Star Wars AU for my fursona Shila :P I think it should be okay to upload here?

Find her on my DA if you want to read about her xD She's got her own written story, though I haven't uploaded much of it yet.

15:05 Sat 6/30/2018
Sukala A.P.
You can believe I come from another galaxy, but I've never watched Star Wars in my entire life (at least in my knowledge). But your fursona looks really styled in that outfit! :)

08:34 Sun 7/1/2018
Haha! Well, it wasn't till recently that I started liking Star Wars. I'd seen the movies, but it wasn't until I watched the animated series Clone Wars that I really became a fan :P

And thanks!

19:53 Sat 6/30/2018
This looks great. Love the pose, shading and lighting. Good to see you upload stuff here again too^^

08:35 Sun 7/1/2018
Thanks :D And yeah, really gotta remember to upload here when I got something TLK related :P

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