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The First King, page 111.

This whole page was created by copypasting and editing. I was lazy and unmotivated. XD But hey, the story continues!

01:05 Mon 6/25/2018
"- She kiled my grandma!
- I am still alive, you fool.
- Shut up, grandma. I had nothing smarter to shout." XD

Cool page, but to be fair I was wondering at first why it looks so much like previous pages, especially the ones from scene, when there was this whole accusaton for murdering a hyena cub thing. I guess I should read the descriptions more often. :P
I am getting fed up with the animals attitude xc Like come on! Their females are teated the exact same way, yet they dare to agree in calling Mirembe cub making machine. Also they are okay with male lion eating them, but not okay with females hunting them. What a whiny little...
Good thing the elephant is here. I like her <3

11:33 Tue 6/26/2018

Yeah, they're not very smart...

21:05 Mon 6/25/2018
Sukala A.P.
Wow. Poor Mirembe. Nice touch of sexism in this universe, it makes the story even more interesting. :)

11:34 Tue 6/26/2018

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