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Kopa: Hehe, I'm gonna lick ya!
Kiara: Ew, no!

My half of an art trade with KimiKubby. It's Kopa and Kiara playing as you clearly can see here.

Poses were referenced from this photo:

KimiKubby drew this cute picture of Sarafina and Naanda. <3

'Hope you like it! :)

15:55 Tue 6/19/2018
Lily the pink
So very sweet ^^

KimiKubby is going to Love this magnificent piece of artwork.

17:24 Tue 6/19/2018
Sukala A.P.
I'm sure she will. ^^
Thank you! :)

18:17 Tue 6/19/2018
Hahaha XD Aww I love this! XD Quick Kiara tickle his tummy, he should be ticklish like your dad! xD His smooshed nose. XD
Edited 18:19 Tue 6/19/2018

20:42 Tue 6/19/2018
Sukala A.P.
Yeah, this'll probably work.

I'm glad you love it!

Pssst! What's da magical woooooord? ;3

21:07 Tue 6/19/2018
Sorry! Tired. Asante sana! ^-^

21:47 Tue 6/19/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hey, no worries! ;)
Can't wait to see your half for me!

01:33 Wed 6/20/2018
Aw, Thankyou! ^-^
^-^ I'm glad you really like yours too! ^-^
Edited 01:35 Wed 6/20/2018

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