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More Sarafina X Naanda stuff for you to enjoy! <3

I'm thinking about writing a fanfic about this. Whatcha think? :)

09:18 Thu 6/14/2018
This is awesome!

10:04 Thu 6/14/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you! :)

10:59 Thu 6/14/2018
Poor Scar! XDXDXD "Again?! Why does this always happen to me? Two more chances gone, why does nobody love ME?!" XD

Baby Nala from nowhere strikes again! :D ^-^
Edited 10:59 Thu 6/14/2018

20:00 Thu 6/14/2018
Sukala A.P.
Scar's most likely disgusted by Sarafina and Naanda's same-gender relationship, but the fact that he had a liking for Sarafina before could also explain his reaction. x3

You wanna cuddle wittle baby Nala? There, she's yours. <3 Just pet her quick before her mamas come back, you wouldn't want to have a bad time.
Edited 20:00 Thu 6/14/2018

09:44 Fri 6/15/2018
*sigh* Scar, your are too last century! Look how sweet they are!

*gasp* *sneaks over quietly* Babyy Nala yaaaaay!! ^-^ <3 *runs off*
Edited 09:45 Fri 6/15/2018

16:41 Fri 6/15/2018
Sukala A.P.
Hey, don't run off with it! They'll find out she's gone!

14:57 Sat 6/16/2018
XD No no! I was running off before they got back, running off *without* wittle baby Nala. I'm not risking angry lionessess! XD

16:40 Thu 6/14/2018
Art is a BANG, Hm!
Yessss! Please write one ;V; I will read the heck out of it!

20:00 Thu 6/14/2018
Sukala A.P.
Will do! ;)
Edited 22:23 Thu 6/14/2018

15:47 Fri 6/15/2018
Lily the pink
Such a lovely comic ^^

I suspect that Sarafina and Naanda will be the new "power couple" once your fanfic is completed.

16:42 Fri 6/15/2018
Sukala A.P.
It's not really a comic here, it's most likely a bunch of doodles.

And what do you mean by ''power couple''? What's that?

01:29 Sat 6/16/2018
Lily the pink
A power couple is like a very famous couple, like those movie star couples

sorry, I though for a moment that it was a comic showing the evolution of Sarafina and Naanda's story as time went by
Edited 01:39 Sat 6/16/2018

11:41 Sun 6/17/2018
WOW! AwesomeX3 I love the Face of Scar...So jealous

12:56 Sun 6/17/2018
Sukala A.P.
Scar's also most likely disgusted by Sarafina and Naanda's same-gender relationship.
Thanks for the comment! :)

15:39 Fri 6/22/2018
Oh my goodness this is adorable!!! I'd love to see a fic about the two!!

17:39 Fri 6/22/2018
Sukala A.P.
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