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  • 22:48 Sun 6/10/2018
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For the current Contest! uvu I decided to choose a handful of Artists on the Archive that have made some kind of impact in my life.

Of course, there are MANY more Artists that have impacted me, but I decided to choose only 6 of them <3

I chose Kiara because she is my favorite Lion King Character of all time C:

I hope I did everyone's styles justice, good luck guessing, everyone!

23:40 Sun 6/10/2018
I think I spy Kimi, KH White Lion and poonie cx

23:54 Sun 6/10/2018
1 is Poonie, 3 is Koraden I think, and 6 maybe Sukala? ;) <3

10:07 Mon 6/11/2018
I recognise a few of these but as per usual my brain doesn't give me the names! XD
Is that me in number 6? :D ^-^ :o

What a lovely bunch of Kiaras! :D ^-^
Edited 10:08 Mon 6/11/2018

11:56 Mon 6/11/2018
Sukala A.P.
I recognized Poonie, Edward_Elric, Koraden and KimiKubby. :)
Nice work and good luck at the contest!

22:06 Mon 6/11/2018
LEL i reconised Ed-E's and my owns lol.
aww is 4 Rarsa? haven;t seen her in a while ;u;

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