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This is of Rex's fursona, Rex. He isn't active on here any more, which is where I originally found this character. I started following him back when I was on here in 2001 and felt like drawing him.

It's a bummer that he's gone cause I really enjoyed his art. :(

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Rex (C) Rex

13:53 Sun 6/10/2018
I love the colours! :D
Maybe he'll come back someday? :D

18:16 Mon 6/11/2018
thanks! And yeah maybe. :)

12:41 Tue 6/12/2018
Sukala A.P.
Although his fursona could be mistaken for a Pokémon, Rex was one of the largest legends on the Archive. Just because he no longer updates though does not mean we cannot still enjoy what he left on his artistic trail, even though that would be great to see new content from him. (Unless he deletes everything in his gallery like some other artists.)

Very nice tribute for him! :)

13:10 Tue 6/12/2018
Yes he was, I loved his art and used to draw his character a lot when I was first on this site, though I never uploaded the art on here. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it!

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