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  • 01:20 Sun 6/10/2018
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  • Honey

    Lily the pink

My sweet little Honey <3

I should draw her more often

(I missed her so much)

18:17 Sun 6/10/2018
So adorable, I love her design <3

15:59 Tue 6/12/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you!

19:13 Sun 6/10/2018
Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! <3 ^-^

15:59 Tue 6/12/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you so much <3

00:27 Mon 6/11/2018
Sukala A.P.
Me: Spots, I see you drooling from a few meters here! Stop it!

Spots: Squeak! Squeak skeet skquee skeet squeak squeak squeak? Squetedee squee! .....Squeak*.

*Translation: OOOOH! So I was just an excuse to be used again only because of this character! What a miracle! .....She's pretty hot, though.

(To avoid any confusion, Spots is this character that I hardly use here.> )

She's such a cutie! I like the touch of the red cheeks, too! Great work! :)

16:00 Tue 6/12/2018
Lily the pink
You can tell Spots that she is single ;)

and, thank you!

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