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  • 03:59 Fri 6/8/2018
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For the Contest!

08:53 Fri 6/8/2018
This is awesome :3 I know lionessgwen but I’m stuck on the other two aha

12:13 Fri 6/8/2018
I recognised the first style but couldn't think of the artist but I'm going with Lionessgwen too! :D I recognise the other two but can't think who the artists are! :D

15:18 Fri 6/8/2018
I definitely see Gwen's style! :D You did awesome replicating her smooth line art! I think the second one could be Akril, but I'm a bit stuck with the last one... I dunno, maybe it's Dolphy? ^^' It certainly looks very familiar, though!

14:51 Mon 6/11/2018
Yup, you got Gwen and Akril!

16:17 Fri 6/8/2018
Sukala A.P.
I recognized LionessGwen, Akril and pooky15, I think.
Wonderful! Good luck in the contest! :D

Comment deleted.
14:49 Mon 6/11/2018
Wow, you nailed it!

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