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Akili is the mate to Anwar. She's the pride best hunter when it comes to strategy. She was a pretty strict parent towards Mohatu. Always getting after him of how a prince should act. As he got older, she calmed that side of her drastically and learned to accept her son's real personality.

(Yup, that's infant Mohatu she's holding. Yes, she doesn't have colored toes or muzzle.)


Mate to Anwar

Mother to Mohatu

Grandmother to Uru

Great Grandmother to Mufasa and Taka/Scar

Great Great Grandmother to Simba

Great Great Great Grandmother to Kiara and Kion

19:01 Fri 6/1/2018
Sukala A.P.
I seriously dig your art style, it's pleasant to the eye! Akili looks gorgeous! And I love how you've drawn little baby Mohatu! <3 Great work!

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