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Simba, 40-million years ago.

(Simba as a Smilodon, a saber-toothed tiger)

I might do Scar as a Saber toothed cat in the near future

17:44 Thu 5/31/2018
Awesome work done Lily! :)
Love how you did the smooth shading. :D

01:57 Sat 6/2/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you <3

18:09 Thu 5/31/2018
Cool! :D:D

01:58 Sat 6/2/2018
Lily the pink

18:31 Fri 6/1/2018
Sukala A.P.
He has a mane? I guess it's logic-screwed-to-a-trashcan for you. :P

It's great, though! I like the red stripes!

02:00 Sat 6/2/2018
Lily the pink
No one really knows what a sabre-toothed tiger looked like back then, so they might have had manes (in my head they do).

EDIT: my mistake, there were cavemen who did cave art of sabre-toothed tigers, but they were very abstract artists (just like myself LOL)

And, thank you <3
Edited 18:23 Sat 6/2/2018

12:53 Sat 6/2/2018
Neat idea ^^

18:22 Sat 6/2/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you!

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