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This is my entry for firehart95's Misfit Pride contest on DeviantArt. It's her character, Koho who's protecting his ball who's name is Ballka.

Details to the contest here:

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16:35 Fri 6/1/2018
Sukala A.P.
Misfit Pride of misfit lions? This is actually a pretty original pride in my taste! I've looked at the characters here and they're fascinating! Especially that ball-loving fellow, here! I would enter the contest, but I'm not longer on DeviantART, so yeah. :P

Great picture though! That lion definitely is protective of his beloved Ballka.
Edited 16:35 Fri 6/1/2018

16:43 Fri 6/1/2018
Actually, it looks like Firehart is running the same contest on this site as well. :) and thanks, glad you liked it!

17:08 Fri 6/1/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oooo, coolio! I'll join it whenever I can! :)

17:19 Fri 6/1/2018
ok cool! I look forward to seeing your entry! You have plenty of time. :)

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