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  • Mohatu's Reign
  • 03:30 Sun 5/27/2018
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a fully shaded illustration of young Uru.

18:34 Sun 5/27/2018
She looks so adorable <33

01:24 Tue 5/29/2018
Thank you! <3

21:58 Sun 5/27/2018
Sukala A.P.
Now I see that could be another trait Kiara takes from! She looks alot like her great-granddaughter! I like her thin inside ear rims and her nearly distinguishable diamond marking below her eye! Both versions of this picture (unshaded one included) are great! The only thing is that maybe you should erase the colors on her paws that outstrip the lineart a bit.

Again, amazing work! :)

01:24 Tue 5/29/2018
Thank you so much! : ) I got a lot of her physical traits from Kiara since Kiara doesn't look like Nala nor Simba as cubs.

I also thank you for noticing the bit of color showing under the line art. Sometimes with Photoshop, I can miss some spots with the magic wand. ^^; I'll make sure for future pieces that don't show up again.

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