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  • 15:40 Sun 6/10/2018
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"Do you know what I see?"

Taka Shrugged

"I see a little lion... with the biggest heart I've ever met. That's true strength little Taka.
Not the size of your paws or mane, but the strength that comes from within."

Taka's frown faded

"Do you really think so Mufasa?.."

Mufasa smiled

"I don't think so Taka, I know so."

16:22 Sun 5/27/2018
Gosh, I love the colors in this illustration! <3 You've done a fantastic job on Muffy and little Taka. :)

21:02 Mon 5/28/2018
<3 Thank you so muchhhh

16:35 Sun 5/27/2018
Lily the pink
So beautiful!

LOVE the colors!

21:02 Mon 5/28/2018

17:02 Sun 5/27/2018
Wooooooow! This is beautiful! :O

21:02 Mon 5/28/2018

21:59 Sun 5/27/2018
Sukala A.P.
Do you mind changing the picture for a better in quality version of it? That way we'll be able to see better the beauty in it. :)

21:03 Mon 5/28/2018
Yes! Thank you so much for letting me know about the quality and the double upload! I'll figure out which one works better and fix it asap! :D

16:04 Fri 6/1/2018
Sukala A.P.
You still didn't really change your picture for a better-in-quality one. But even if it's in the messy JPG. file, I can still see the beauty of this picture. I love that background you painted, but I feel like the acacias could have a bit of sunlighting too in order to see them, but it's just a suggestion. The shading on the characters is also neat! And the grass silhouettes close to the screen... did you drew those yourself?

This picture is amazing, no wonder it got so many faves. Excellent work!

But we still would see better if you could change the file.

15:52 Sun 6/10/2018
I have a replacement file pending as we speak! Sorry for the delay on that! I appreciate any constructive criticism so thank you! I could've done a bit more with the background and got lazy -_- I totally agree with you on the acacias. The grass silhouettes are made by using the lasso tool and just filling them in! Quite simple! Hopefully the picture pending will pass. You can check out the picture in better quality on my deviantart page for the time being :

13:38 Tue 6/12/2018
Sukala A.P.
Ah! Now the quality's better! Again, such a fantastic piece! :)

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