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  • 23:49 Sat 5/26/2018
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Mohatu having a moment with young Ahadi.

"Be patient young one, take it steady and easy. You'll get to where you're headed, Ahadi. It may not be clear now, but it will be."

As the river cuts his path
Though the river's
Proud and strong
He will choose the
Smoothest course
That's why rivers
Live so long
They're steady ...
As the steady
Beating drum

18:36 Sun 5/27/2018
Beautiful work <33

21:04 Mon 5/28/2018

17:06 Fri 6/1/2018
Sukala A.P.
This is such an amazing piece of fanart! By looking at how you've designed Ahadi, I'm guessing that he's related to Malka?

15:59 Sun 6/10/2018
Oh my gosh... that's a really really great idea. I never thought about him being related to Malka!!!

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