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A Work in Progress of Kion as a Teenager!

20:43 Sat 5/12/2018
And already very nicely done, if I may say so! :)

20:31 Sun 5/20/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you!

I will try to finish/color it next weekend! (so stay tuned for more!)

21:26 Sat 5/12/2018
Sukala A.P.
This looks simply fantastic! Your art style is adorable, Kion's face reminds me of Care Bears! <333 (Even though I'm not quite fond of the show. xD )

You are an amazing being! Never give up on what you do!

21:20 Sun 5/20/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you so very much for your lovely comments! *Hug's*

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