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  • 14:49 Sat 5/12/2018
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A Sketch of Scar

PS. when it is fully colored, I may use it in a "draw it again" (meme) to compare it to a old pic of Scar I drew many years ago

21:39 Sat 5/12/2018
Sukala A.P.
Why the hell does Scar looks so cuddly and harmless in this drawing of yours? He looks nothing like the dictator he was in the movie! It's probably your unique art style, and I love it! <3

Keep up the great work!

21:19 Sun 5/20/2018
Lily the pink
Thank you so much!

and, Why does everything I draw look so cute and cuddly? I promise I will try to make him look more evil in the future.

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