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    Lily the pink

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My Fursona Bubbles being extra "sassy" with a touch of pink in her hair.

Exams are finally over and I am doing my clinicals. But, once clinicals are done, I will be more active during the summer months. I will try to get a few more pictures done before June.

22:07 Thu 4/26/2018
Sukala A.P.
...How can she live with that giant hair bang covering half her face?? xD

13:34 Sat 4/28/2018
Lily the pink
I have no Idea LOL I thought she just used a lot of hairspray XD

(In all honesty, many years ago, I had a hard time drawing eyes and I covered up the other with hair so that she would not look crossed eyed. I guess it was also the style to have a big hair-tuff when I first joined on the archive as well).

Thank you for the sweet comment

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