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  • 11:08 Sat 4/14/2018
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Hiya :D

This is my Pricesheet for Commissions!

I will be taking both Paypal & Points (through DA).


The pace that I complete my commissions vary as real life can get pretty busy for me, so your patience will be very much appreciated! I do promise to get them done though so don't worry!!

Once the artwork is posted, I will also send you a copy of it as well. You may post the artwork on any of your social media platforms however I do ask that you credit me please.

There will also not be a specific number of commissions I'll be taking this time round and I will provide a list below so you know where you are on the list :D

If you're interested let me know!!

19:38 Sun 4/15/2018
Zin Stone
I just want to say I love your work and your prices are much too low for what you're offering!
If you could PM me, I'd like to talk about a full illustration you can do for me. :) I tip!

01:56 Mon 4/16/2018
Aww thank you ❤️ Too kind!! Ive sent you a PM!

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