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  • 20:18 Wed 4/11/2018
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Forgot to upload this one here >_<
The last picture of 2017 and my start into 2018.
Young Sarabi meets a tiny rodent friend on one of her strolls.

21:58 Wed 4/11/2018
Naaaw they're both so adorable! And I love the lighting too! It looks all magical and lovely! ^-^

00:23 Thu 4/12/2018
very pretty!

23:08 Fri 4/13/2018
Sukala A.P.
Oh WOW! What a wonderful magical (copying the adjective Kimi spilled out) and detailed picture! These are the kind of fanart I absolutely love! Especially from a senior fan-artist like you, who played a huge part in the community. ;)

Sarabi looks all so cuddly and precious! A precious mirage! <333

And look at that little rodent eating a-- err, wait, there are carrots in Africa? If not, then I guess it's ''logic screwed to a trash can'' for you. :P

Marvelous, splendid artwork! :D

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