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So, it's been a year I've created my Lion King-related feathersona Msanii (whom had his first introduction here: So have a three months late celebrating picture. :P

Worry not, you'll see him more often.

Also, I've been in the Archive for 5 years now. Have this picture to celebrate this aswell. :P

03:21 Mon 4/2/2018
Happy Anniversary on both accounts. This is a really nice looking image^^

03:45 Mon 4/2/2018
Sukala A.P.
I actually only have one account. This picture celebrates the late first anniversary of my TLK feathersona and the 5th anniversary of since I joined the Archive. But thank you!

11:33 Tue 4/3/2018
Alan the leopard
Shake paw-wing with Msanii?... No. I might twist his wing unwillingly >;P

Kiss him? Even worse- I might swallow him involuntarily XP

EDIT: Ah, and congrats on your 5th milestone ;3 *tight hug* (to Sukie, of course ;3
Edited 11:34 Tue 4/3/2018

11:36 Wed 4/4/2018
Sukala A.P.
I have a more safe idea, point one of your finger toward Msanii, so that he can shake it gently with his feet. ;3

Many thanks! <3

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