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  • 23:25 Tue 3/27/2018
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Kairi with her two beautiful cubs, Kovu & Vitani, & Garret meeting them for the first time!

Full story is available here-

Garret & Kairi are my version of what I imagine Kovu & Vitani's parents to look like. :)


Commissions are open!!!

20:03 Wed 3/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Aww, this is very sweet. <3 I really like the designs of the parents, they clearly show each apparent feature of their offspring. They seem so happy, togheter as a family. It just takes a certain lioness to ruin it, though. :P
I like the art, overall! You did a fine job with the grass brush and that speckled ground looks great! And the linework on the characters are clean and smooth. Speaking of them, these characters are enjoyable to look at!

Great work! ;)

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