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  • 13:28 Mon 3/26/2018
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A bit rushed but it's for the contest!

So, extremely basic break-down of her story:

Queen Uru, born in the Pridelands, raised by the Barbary and eventually ended up destroying both Empires. (Which she did no't intend)
With the Fire empire in shambles, and the people she'd grown up around straight up rejecting her for killing off the high royals and starting a war, she takes her rightful place as Queen of the Pridelands. The residing pridelanders being too fearful of her to deny her right.

20:29 Wed 3/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
I always liked the idea of Uru being a really thin lioness, fitting with Scar's genes. I see you adopted some flat figures in your artstyle, there's alot of straight lines! It looks pretty good!
I really like your version of Uru! The addition of a hair bang is pretty original. But it looks like her chin is trying to leave her face by how it's pointy. xD

Good luck in the contest!
Edited 21:32 Wed 3/28/2018

08:43 Fri 3/30/2018
Thank you so much!!! Good luck to you too!
(And yeah, I'll probably tone her chin down when I draw her next, hopefully it doesn't poke someone's eye out before then..!)

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