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  • 01:31 Mon 3/26/2018
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Heya! :D

Its been quite a while since I was last active here & things have changed so much! I'm loving the new FAA :)

Here is my first of many more posts to come!



Zira had done it again. Stained in the blood of young innocent cubs & their mothers, that fought bravely to protect them. While Zira looked at the fallen with a wicked smile an adolescent Kovu and Vitani lay down not too far, furious and what their mother was doing. Although they wanted to stop her, they couldn't. She was Pure Evil.


This is a remake of the first one I made back in 2011.
Hope you guys enjoy ^_^

Artwork (c) Elenna
Characters (c) Disney

20:21 Wed 3/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Bad kitty, Zira! Bad kitty! Quit being a yandere, you puddy tat! *hits with rolled newspaper*

Great facial expressions, by the way! We can see how furious Kovu and Vitani look when glaring at their excuse of a mother. To me, Zira does look smirky, but not enough for me to want to wipe that out of her face.
Also woah, the clouds! They look so wonderfully done with their degraded lighting on the textures! 8O

Basically, this is a very nice work! The clouds are my favourite! :)

03:46 Thu 5/3/2018
Zira is indeed a very bad kitty hahahah!

Thank you so much for the kind words & im really sorry for my extremely delayed response!! Im pretty happy with how this turned out as I havent really drawn something this detailed in quite some time!

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