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And so I decided to remake this old drawing of Mufasa and Taka:
I must say, I'm quite impressed with how much I've improved, you can never truly see your improvement until you do a comparison :)

Note: I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong, english is not my native language.

20:39 Wed 3/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Seriously? This picture is good enough to have faves but no comments? I guess it's my move, now. :P

I wouldn't say that you improved, but more likely that you changed your artistic techniques. And your artstyle changed a bit too, starting with the fact that the background is less blurry than the original, making it look as important as the characters portrayed here. And for some reason, the characters have very tiny black irises, which I'm guessing is part of your style, but they look like they're shocked or under the effect of catnip.

Basically, you did a fantastic job doing this beautiful picture! It deserves all it's compliments! ;)

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