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  • 19:08 Tue 3/20/2018
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For the contest. Changed her design a bit again. I think it`s pretty nice idea to add some spots not only on her head but on paws too.

20:12 Wed 3/21/2018
Sukala A.P.
Woah, she looks amazing! 8O I dig her design, I love these feathery eyebrows and the speckled nose! Speaking of speckles, I like the ones on her paws and forehead! And the floating sand at her paws is a nice touch too, I like how you used a paint texture for it! And I'm guessing the background is from the movie's screencap. But it looks great!

Excellent work! One of the best entries I've seen! Good luck in the contest! ;D

20:57 Wed 3/21/2018
Oh yes, I forgot to write that I used screencap from TLK.. I drew the sand where she runs using the colours of BG and sand mountains are (c)Disney ^^"
Thank you so much for your comment. It is a pleasure to read such great comments x3

Thank you ^3^

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