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  • 19:26 Tue 3/20/2018
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My sweet lil girl, Deidra that I use in an rp.
She's a jaguar x snow leopard hybrid. She grew up mostly with her grandmother, who was a tiger, but she's recently come to pass so she's acting as a skeptical rogue at the present.

The rp is here if anyone's interested in rping big or small hybrid cats!

02:28 Wed 3/21/2018
she's beautiful!

04:35 Wed 3/21/2018
Thanks so much!

20:45 Wed 3/28/2018
Sukala A.P.
Her eyes literally looks similar to my Sukie's. Magenta eyes with paler magenta retinas. What a coincidence! :D

She's so gorgeous, by the way! And she's black. She must belong in a part to a specie of black leopards (or panthers).

22:00 Wed 3/28/2018
Haha yeah she's actually related to Rhyannon on our site! They share a father and he was a black jaguar! uwu
Technically their lineage has her as.. Black Jaguar/ tiger/snow leopard. A whole mish-mash of fun things in that family. LOL

Thanks very much!! ;w;

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