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  • The Lion Guard
  • 15:15 Mon 3/5/2018
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This is based off a very interesting dream I had a few weeks ago. I dreamed that I watched The Lion Guard with some younger cousins, and that there was a young human boy approaching Kion and his lion guard in elephant ride. My cousins laughed when the boy was thought to be a monkey.

Don't you just wish to have more interesting dreams like that? I do. This is now on the list of awesome dreams I had, including the one I had 3 years ago of me escaping jail in ostrich back. :3

16:58 Sun 5/27/2018
Lily the pink
I always wondered what their reaction would be if there was a human in the pridelands. They would defiantly think he/she was some sort of strange monkey creature LOL

Awesome pic!

23:51 Sun 5/27/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you! :)

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