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Heir to Pride Rock, page 42.

Hehe, this comic and "Decades of Denial" have some parallels with each other. :P

I've always imagined Babu as somewhat of a jerk. He isn't really mean-spirited but he loves to joke and tease others. The other cubs don't mind, but Kopa doesn't like his sense of humor. XD

01:38 Sun 3/4/2018
I can see why he doesn't like Babu's sense of humour...

Poor Kopa, we believe you!

10:59 Sun 3/4/2018
Well, believing blindly what another kid says is not always a good thing. Because kids lie and exaggerate and make up things...

But you don't have to be so rude, Babu! D:<

18:00 Sun 3/4/2018
True. Sometimes... :D

Yeah Babu!!

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