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  • 08:10 Sat 3/3/2018
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My Ezekiel, the Leopard x Lion hybrid king.
I use him on Beasts of Elysium.

08:55 Sat 3/3/2018
He's georgeous! I love leopons so much.

21:54 Sat 3/3/2018
Thanks so much!!! :3c

19:38 Sat 3/3/2018
Art is a BANG, Hm!
Oh dang, he's beautiful DX I really need to join

21:58 Sat 3/3/2018
Wink woNK! B)
No for real though, take your time. Haha
We're a pretty chill paced little group. There's no rush. uwu

13:19 Mon 3/5/2018
Art is a BANG, Hm!
I figure... I'm usually super bad at staying active in Forum-based RPs, but I really like the idea of this many characters can you have?

01:38 Tue 3/6/2018
There's no character cap! As many as you can handle so we leave it up to rpers discretion!
We'll likely do activity checks in the future but just as we feel needed as opposed to monthly/regular checks and more of a role-call to see who's still around more than anything else. c:
But like I said it's very relaxed and there's no rush!
You're free to come and try it out and if it just doesn't stick for ya then that's fine too!

03:53 Wed 3/21/2018
I forgot to comment on this earlier BUT
goodness I adore this character! He's BEAUTIFUL

04:36 Wed 3/21/2018
Ahh thank you very much!!
I've been pretty happy with how he came out and it's nice to hear other people agree!! Haha

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