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In my headcanon, Uru used to be a princess from a pride of white lions, where she was praised and respected. But something attacked her pride and she was forced to leave her homeland, travelling as a rogue. She came into the Pride Lands, where she met Ahadi. She met him several times in secret before the two got caught. For her survival, she had to actually join the pride. But it was not easy since Uru was different from other lions. She had white coat and was skinnier than normal.

The lionesses, including Ahadi's former betrothed Maisha (On the rock on the right) didn't like her very much for her difference. They saw her as an omen and called her the ''white devil''. Uru no longer had the respect she had. BUUT! They eventually got used to her once she became Ahadi's queen. :3

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