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  • 23:09 Mon 2/26/2018
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I've been meaning to do myself up an actual quick reference of my Uru for a while.
The contest kind of gives me a good excuse to do that.

I always liked the idea of Uru being white but didn't ever want to part with the white diamond marking on her forehead. Thus, we have my white Uru with a diamond on her forehead and some red tuft/ears. Mufasa's red hair, I'd like to think.
Although my colors are definitely a toned down version.. Lol

23:27 Mon 2/26/2018
Sukala A.P.
She looks simply stunningly ravishing! <3 I love the design you made for her! Excellent work!

06:54 Tue 2/27/2018
Ahh thanks so much!
Team white Uru! Hahaha

00:47 Tue 2/27/2018
oooh very pretty! I've never seen a version of her be white before, very cool idea!

06:55 Tue 2/27/2018
Thanks very much! I confess I picked up the idea from somewhere on this site quite a few years ago, but this particular version of white Uru is my own. uwu

11:49 Tue 2/27/2018
Wow, she looks gorgeous! Very unique design! :D

22:01 Tue 2/27/2018
Thanks so much!!

16:44 Tue 2/27/2018
This is one of the best white versions I've seen! I like the red tuft. Awesome!
Edited 19:19 Tue 2/27/2018

22:02 Tue 2/27/2018
Ahh thank you very much! I'm very happy with her! ;w;

03:30 Sat 3/3/2018
Oh...she looks simply gorgeous. The fur, the eyes, the little dapples.

08:23 Sat 3/3/2018
Ahh thanks very much!!

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