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  • 1. Pre-Lion King
  • 08:47 Mon 2/5/2018
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The lion on the left is my character Shaka, son of Thando and Xolo. The lion on the right is "King Joe"/"Great-Fighter", a character from a comic called "A Gift from the Heavens" (and by the way, that comic inspired me to start my own comic, "The First King"). For a long time I've been thinking of making "Joe" Thando's son with an unknown mother. But now I've decided he looks enough like Xolo to be her son. So now Shaka and "Joe" are full brothers. I've also decided that "Joe"'s real name in my headcanon is Joka, because many people use that name for him, and because it sounds good with Shaka. Shaka, Joka... See? Sounds good. :D

18:23 Mon 2/5/2018
Shaka be like "getting real tired of your crap Joe" lol

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