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This picture takes place shortly after Kopa died, leaving Simba and Nala in a severe depression. Nala was touched the most, and her depression led her to neglect her two newborn cubs, Kion, who was the result of Zira seducing Simba, and Kiara, her biological daughter.

What pushed her to the care of the cubs was a dream... a dream she wished to not wake up from.


17:21 Wed 1/24/2018
Awww adorable, Suki!

06:25 Thu 2/1/2018
Great picture! you did really well with the lighting of this one and a vivid story to boot!
Interesting idea of Zira being Kions mother. I have only watched the return of the roar mini movie but instantly recognised his ear markings as being the same as ziras were, though I don't know if she has them in the series.
I try really had to be a naturalist with my LK theories so Simba having cubs with other lionesses isn't unimaginable, it just makes me wonder what Ziras angle would be... and where kovu and vitani fit in.
Love pictures that get me thinking XD
Edited 06:26 Thu 2/1/2018

12:12 Fri 2/2/2018
Sukala A.P.
Yes, Zira does have those ear rims in the series. And it's like, extremely apparent. xD

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