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  • 12:29 Thu 1/18/2018
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Second lion from the proyect. I will draw as a cub almost all official lions of TLK (also comic ones).
I'm improving using Paint Tool Sai, nothing special but I'm so proud of this.

Ahadi, is a adult male lion, a former king of Pride Rock, and the father of Mufasa and Scar.
I draw him as the same way it is in the comics and because it's my idea of Ahadi, very similar to Mufasa.

Ahadi (c) Disney

Art (c) @Kopa-Love

Please, do not use my art as yours.

11:46 Fri 1/19/2018
nice project! do you have a list of all tlk universe lions and lionesses?

12:01 Fri 1/19/2018
Yeah, more or less

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