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  • 10:35 Tue 1/16/2018
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Third lion from the proyect. I will draw as a cub almost all official lions of TLK (also comic ones).
I'm improving using Paint Tool Sai, nothing special but I'm so proud of this.

The Selfish Lion, is the primary Mohatu's antagonist in "The Brightest Star."
As my idea, this lion is Uru's father.

The Selfish Lion (c) Disney

Art (c) @Kopa-Love

Please, do not use my art as yours.

22:32 Wed 1/17/2018
This is a great idea, everyone was a cub once XD I really like the surly look you've given him, have you got a name for him too? Interesting idea that he's Uru's father too ^.^

12:19 Thu 1/18/2018
Some people called him Choyo but I prefer to don't give name

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