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Lioness who's madly in love with a bad guy who later gets slaughtered, and that lioness wants to avenge him very badly and is obsessed in killing his murderer?
Yep, Zira's definitely a Yandere. =p

Zira's pose is referenced from this:

Before you ask what a Yandere is, look here>

03:50 Sat 1/13/2018
Ahaha yes this suits her sooo well! I always thought Zira was a bit insane, even more so than Scar. The colours actually suit her really well too. Great pic Sukala I actually laughed.

Now we all better stay away from Senpai scar or face her wrath 8<

10:19 Sun 1/14/2018
Sukala A.P.
Thank you! <3

Nala nearly died because of her, though. You probably already know why. x3

17:44 Sat 1/13/2018
omg so zira is a mentally ill lioness person with stalking habits on a killing spree XD totally agree with teh theory ^^

14:55 Sun 1/14/2018
Alan the leopard
Aside of her (insane) love for Scar, to me Zira is just like any other Disney female villain; practically the same kind of behavior... It seems as if all Disney female villains have been taken out of the same behavioral mould, regardless their physical, anatomical and even "special" (for species) differences (be them humans or animals).

And quite often I wondered how could it be that her cub Kovu fell asleep during her rock and roll lullaby... Ô.Ô *blink-blink*

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