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Sorry about this one, the background is way overwhelming, and there's a thousand things I would change about it but I think I'm just going to give up for now.
Got a new foliage brush pack ( and used it for all the plants here. Anyway, sorry if it burns your eyes out xD
Drawing of the day (c) 2018

18:16 Fri 1/12/2018
It's really nice Huntsong ^.^ The tiger seem to love it, doe he or she have a name yet?
The only thing I would say is the tone of the water and surrounding plants are so similar it took me a moment to see that it was actually a pond. I love the lil flowers though :D

14:34 Thu 2/1/2018
Thank you :D He doesnt have a name yet, I'm a bad tiger owner :c
Yes you're right, I'll keep that in mind next time, don't make the water green xD Thanks for the feedback!

10:25 Sat 1/13/2018
Sukala A.P.
My retinas didn't fade to flames while looking at this picture, so your color choices are very moderate. :3

I like this chap's design, his stripes looks pawesome! And that background is just marvelous!

Excellent work! ;D

14:35 Thu 2/1/2018
Haha yay <3 Thank you!!

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