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When I found out adult Kovu and Lilo were the same voice actors as Haku and Chihiro from Spirited Away I've wanted to do a pic of them together. This is inspired by this scene in the movie:

I wanted to do Lilo as how she is in the movie, but she ended up looking a bit older so I just went with it. That's why her shirt is different too. Refs were used mostly for Lilo.

Title is a quote by Zeniba in Spirited Away.

Lilo (C) Disney's Lilo and Stitch
Kovu (C) Disney's The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

13:20 Fri 1/12/2018
Pawsome! I've yet to see the movie but knew that Lilo, Kovu and Zira were in it. xD Which is cool!

21:13 Fri 1/12/2018
thanks! Yeah I still want to recreate a scene with Zira and Kovu in it like I did with this one.

18:24 Fri 1/12/2018
I love it! it's like a funky alterative universe where Haku turns into a lion instead of a dragon and Chihiro is Hawaiian (~ ^.^)~
Now I must go watch my Ghibli movies!

21:13 Fri 1/12/2018
lol yeah, hey, I'd watch that! :)

20:46 Fri 1/12/2018
This is so sweet <3 Spirited Away is one of my very favourite movies and this is one of my favourite scenes. I really like this version of it too! Great work ^^

21:14 Fri 1/12/2018
Thank you! Yeah it's one of my favorites too!

10:23 Sat 1/13/2018
Sukala A.P.
Don't quite know about that movie at all, just going to comment about this cute idea of a crossover. xD

15:50 Mon 1/15/2018
Thanks! It's a great movie, I'd definitely recommend it!

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