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  • 2018
  • 11:50 Thu 1/11/2018
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Meet Wivu! His name means jealous/envy in Swahili.
His little backstory: He is the little brother of Rani, and lives in the Night Pride. His big sister is his caretaker and he is kind of clingy towards her. (insert parental loss trauma here) Then Rani meets Kion, and Wivu gets jealous at the attention his sister gives him and their bravery. Wivu wants to challenge Kion in various dares and is an overachiever. Eventually Kion learns him that he shouldn't feel less if he doesn't dare stuff. And they become friends on the long run... but at first Wivu has to learn that stuff and stays enemious of Kion.

13:00 Thu 1/11/2018
This one is almost perfectly human-like, with flaws and all into place. Interesting to say the least, of where to you develop this boy into whatever he may become. :) But first and foremost, have fun "building" more Wivu here. :D

06:13 Fri 1/12/2018
it should be good to make characters less plain good or evil. especially when aimed ad young kids. you can tell kida the grumpy neighbour is a freak, or explain that he fought in a war and relives things. it is wat info you give what makes the view. how many kids are called weird or are bullied and ignored? reason 1 is ignorance.

08:05 Fri 1/12/2018

You of all people should know my views on such matter, and I am not going to repeat them here.
But, that said, you get a silent nodding from my behalf, as in agreeing with what you've written.

22:13 Thu 1/11/2018
He sounds really interesting, a much better character than a all happy-happy cub. I really like his colours too!

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