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  • 2018
  • 10:50 Thu 1/11/2018
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So, I had this happy plan to make a picture of Rani and Tiifu and put all my effort in it. Then MSpaint decided to just cut off the half of it for no reason and there flew my /care, out of the window to IDGAFstan.

well I am not putting anymore effort in it.
so this is it peeps :)
ps: i had a horrible week, so don't blame me for my short-temper pleez ;)

11:22 Thu 1/11/2018
Ah, sorry to hear your week was so horrible. But I think you'll manage fine through time. :) As for your art, it is always good to see you this active! :D And you did well drawing this out, despite the cutting-off by Paint. (odd that it does that, but hey, save often, if anything.) Anyways. Keep the good stuff coming eh! You're doing awesome, and you know it. ^^

11:46 Thu 1/11/2018
aww thank you so much *squeezehugs teh tabi* yeah my week was rough. everything went wrong, to make a long story short :) well story of my life XD I made another pic that i am about to upload :)

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