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I was going to draw something else today, but my plans changed...

This girl is going to appear in 'The Lion Guard' season 3. Her name is Rani and she's the leader of the "Night Pride" (Seriously? I'm very curious to find out where such a lame name comes from. XD).

I wonder what her role will be. Kion's love interest? Probably not, she looks too old. Kiara and Kovu's daughter who found a time machine?

09:45 Wed 1/10/2018
wow! well, you definitely beat me at drawing her XD I think she's going to be a teenager, judging by her looks. But Kion and Kiara are only slighly smaller than their parents, so it would't surprise me if all of a sudden, she's going to be an adult :) I am also curious to eventually see members of that "Night Pride" (insert gothic background music there) Are you going to put Rani in your comics some day?

06:01 Thu 1/18/2018
I might put her in one or two of my comics... But I need to know more about her first. :)

10:11 Wed 1/10/2018
Oh myy! I'm intrigued C:

05:58 Thu 1/18/2018
Me too! :)

22:22 Wed 1/10/2018
I hope she’s not Kion’s love interest, it doesn’t make sense lol. I’d hope a cub Kion’s age wouldn’t be leading a whole pride, but then again Simba let Kion lead the Guard lol. And I agree, Night Pride? Especially for a pride that isn’t antagonistic xD do they only come out at night? Are some of them melanistic? So many questions xD I do love her looks and markings though! That back stripe is very cool looking and we haven’t seen any canon or sub-canon characters with one before. Maybe they’ve been looking at some of our OCs! <3

05:58 Thu 1/18/2018
I can't really imagine any of the main characters falling in love in the series...

And yes, her design is very unique and pretty. :)

01:39 Sat 1/13/2018
Hey wow! She looks like my Amani <3!

Also Night Pride? Really? What's next, Night Priders? Or Pridewatch? These guys need to calm down on the Hasselhoff xD
Edited 01:40 Sat 1/13/2018

05:56 Thu 1/18/2018

12:20 Wed 2/7/2018
Night pride? Do they even try with this stuff?

Her design is cool though it seems.

04:44 Sat 2/10/2018
I eyerolled so hard when I heard the pride's name. XD

But yes, I love her design.

12:29 Wed 2/7/2018
I wonder what her genetics would be (although the creators might not care). I'd say she's got to be a distant cousin of kion at least with their marking similarities but I guess we'll see.

04:46 Sat 2/10/2018
I still think a timetravelling daughter of Kiara and Kovu makes most sense. :P

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