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  • 2018
  • 18:11 Tue 1/9/2018
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Yess, first Rani upload here! On deviantart, people are starting to post lovely fanart of her as well :D I ship Rani with Kion ^^

01:58 Wed 1/10/2018
But isn’t she fully grown? I know she looks like a cub but if she’s the leader of her pride, I’d hope they wouldn’t put a cub in charge lol. And I DEFINITELY don’t think Disney would let Kion date a fully grown lioness xD I am so confused! But she looks great nonetheless! <3

04:32 Wed 1/10/2018
good question. based on the concept art it is hard to decide her age. i just assumed her beeing a cub.. but anatomy-wise, adult Nala has similar proportions. if she happens to be an adult, there will be no shipping..

15:39 Sun 1/21/2018
If she is not full grown I ship Rani with Kion too :3

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