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This page have a different dimension from the others. My mistake. xP

20:03 Wed 12/6/2017
Excellent work on all the (very) expressive faces. :)

20:25 Thu 12/7/2017
Sukala A.P.
Thanks, Tabi! :)

18:53 Thu 12/7/2017
Really curious to see where this is gonna go x) So far it's pretty exciting

20:25 Thu 12/7/2017
Sukala A.P.
You'll see. ;3

03:41 Tue 12/12/2017
Alan the leopard
Msanii in a Zazu-like voice: "Aah, there´s one in every herd, Saidia... Two in yours actually. And they always manage to ruin special situations..."

Saidia in a Mufasa-like voice: "What am I going to do with them?..."

Msanii still in a Zazu-like voice: "Mate both".

Saidia: "Zaz- ahem, I mean- Msaaaanii..."

Now a bit more seriously, small wonder that those two guys fight against each other for Saidia (who by the way, at some moment seemed to me like convinced to... actually- mate with both :P). She´s such a pretty hottie buttie! :D Really pretty and sexy kudu. You´ve got the gift to design such sexy female characters, and not just Sukie (even in her spider form X)
Edited 03:42 Tue 12/12/2017

15:00 Sat 12/16/2017
Sukala A.P.
Oh, so I have more super powers? Next to have the hability to raise my left eyebrow, to bend my middle finger and to do an impersonation of Jesus with my curly puffy hair, I can draw feminine characters so attractively aswell?

I guess that can be a nice gift of talent. xD
Edited 15:03 Sat 12/16/2017

03:00 Wed 12/20/2017
Alan the leopard
Middle finger? I hope to have misunderstood that message...

08:12 Wed 12/20/2017
Sukala A.P.
Yep, you might have misunderstood. What I meant is I can twist that finger and make it look like it's broken... Should have said at least "finger". :p
Edited 08:18 Wed 12/20/2017

17:52 Fri 12/15/2017
I love this it's excellent!!!!! It's really funny too :D

14:54 Sat 12/16/2017
Sukala A.P.
Glad you love it. Thank you! <3

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