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  • 16:58 Tue 12/5/2017
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Wow, I actually made a decent reference sheet for one of my characters. Even though he's adopted, Fiasco is pretty much my favorite character, so I'm glad I got around to getting this done for him. I did make a few minor tweaks to his design though to make it a bit more interesting, but pretty much all of those are optional.

I also just realized today that I changed the color of the small circles and heart on his hip- those were originally blue like the larger circle, only the small one in the center was actually pink. I had apparently made that change a while back, which I don't think was intentional! Oops! Well, I think the pink works better for them anyways.

09:57 Wed 1/17/2018
So cute!! I love the colors and the rest of your work in your gallery as well! :)

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