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  • 03:03 Sat 11/25/2017
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I title this piece, "lions over all"

Headcanon is that zira believes in purity of the species, so when one of her lionesses' does the deed with a leopard and produces a hybrid cub, well, she can't have that now, can she?

the lioness in question is my oc, thanda, and the cub she produces is imvula, my leopon. either way, zira rips thanda's throat out, tried to kill the kid, but imvula's father who was somehow near by saves her.

too late for his wife, but just in time for his daughter.

timeline? ehhhh, pre-TLKII since Imvula is a season older than Kiara.

so here, enjoy this bloody zira. and my poor ass attempt at a title.
no story, because i cannae write for love nor money.

zira & bg © Disney
the messy coloured sketch of zira is mine.

09:31 Sun 11/26/2017
Extra ketchup Zira? No? Ok then... XD

I totally think Zira would do something like that. o-o
Edited 09:31 Sun 11/26/2017

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