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  • 04:42 Sat 11/25/2017
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Okay so I always thought Kopa got super ripped off and it always breaks my heart that he's not animated.
So here's Nala with her.. hypothetical three cubbins, Kion Kiara and Kopa. My own Kopa design, anyways, cause I always thought it was a shame that not a single cub looked like Nala. She's too beautiful, it's such a waste. Lol

Maybe one day I'll finish this piece and shade it. Maybe. One day.

09:05 Sat 11/25/2017
I love your style! :D ^-^

00:46 Sun 11/26/2017
Thank yoou! <3 <3

13:08 Sat 11/25/2017
Sukala A.P.
How pleasant to the eye! Such a tender family moment...

Nothing like the more realistic familial arguments and fights, am I right? :P

I like the idea of Kopa having a bit more Nala's genes, too! ^w^

00:47 Sun 11/26/2017
Ahh thanks so much!
I always thought it was a shame that out of three Simba/Nala cubs we've seen they all look like Simba! lmfao

19:20 Sat 11/25/2017
Awww I really do wish one of the cubs ended up looking like Nala too. And I enjoy seeing people make Kopa look more like her ^-^ such a lovely family photo! <3

00:48 Sun 11/26/2017
It would've been nice! Nala's so beautiful it seems like a waste that not one of them took more after her! haha
Thanks so much!

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