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  • 19:25 Wed 11/15/2017
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All three grown up - more or less. ;) This piece was quiete difficult for me, since they all look more or less like simple simba-clones to me. (Atleast as cubs.) Well, with different colours of course. I did my best to let Kion look like a teenager, since he's way younger than Kopa and Kiara.

05:27 Thu 11/16/2017
That's so weird, I'm currently drawing his cubbies too! xD

I love how Kiara and Kion are like 'hey' but Kopa's like 'Sup dudes' XD

This is a great drawing of all Simba's cubbies. ^-^

14:44 Wed 11/22/2017
Thank you! :3

12:36 Fri 11/17/2017
Sukala A.P.
Very great picture! I like pretty much each of their expressions! Kopa's face, I can't even. xD

14:43 Wed 11/22/2017
Yeah, I like Kopa the most XD Always saw him as a little ladykiller XD

Thank you! :)

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